Measure Camp San Francisco

August 2, 2018

This year’s MeasureCamp San Francisco II was especially exciting for Infield Digital because of the major changes that our organization underwent in June of this year.

We became part of the HS2 Solutions family, which includes LunaMetrics, a premier Google Analytics consultancy on the east coast. HS2 and LunaMetrics have been incredibly supportive of ID’s involvement in the analytics community. Alex Moore, VP of Analytics, flew over from Pittsburgh to spend Friday afternoon, watching the Giants vs. Brewers game with us. He showed up early on Saturday to help out before giving a wonderful talk in the afternoon about all the great work that his team has done to help Google Analytics users effectively leverage the tool.

Infield Digital attendees Joao Correia, Marc Infield, Kevin Haag and Ella Nguyen.

I also led a session on “How to Hire Your Boss.” A couple of people showed up because they are currently undergoing the same process and we had a great conversation about finding the right person who can not only lead the team, but also help each team member grow.

My favorite part of MeasureCamp was catching up with people and learning about the analytics initiatives that they are leading at their organizations. During these conversations, I inevitably learned some interesting facts about the members of the community. For example, I learned that June Dershewitz, Director of Analytics at Twitch, and I share a love of test taking. To us, tests are puzzles that are meant to be solved and there is joy in the process of doing so. I hope to spread this mentality to my team members who are currently working on their professional certifications.

MeasureCamp San Francisco is important to me because helping to organize the event is my way of giving back to a community that has supported me over the last couple of years. I have always felt welcome by how I am treated by my fellow colleagues; there is always someone willing to answer my questions. They have allowed me to learn and grow in the industry. Because of my positive experiences, I hope to continue to give back to the community and ensure that there is always an event for people to meet, connect, learn from each other, and hopefully form lasting relationships.

I am excited to announce that MeasureCamp will continue to grow in the US. First, we would like to expand MeasureCamp SF to have training sessions for people entering the field. Second, I hope to bring the event to Chicago and Pittsburgh with the help of our new family members.

Alex Moore, VP of Analytics of LunaMetrics, giving his presentation.

The gang taking in a Giants game.