We’ve added a content packager to the existing repertoire of ACS AEM Commons Content Packagers that allows for easier migration of complete sets of content without unnecessary bloat. The asset packager allows users to create content packages containing a tree of pages and all the assets referenced on those pages, creating a full set of usable content.

Use Cases

This tool is used simply as a better way to migrate content between instances. Common uses include:

  • A developer migrating content from a remote environment to a local instance to reproduce an issue occurring on the page.
  • A block of content (new section or brand on the site) being launched on production with the content prepared in a staging environment.
    • Real-world example: pushing a full content tree for a newly added localized site.
  • Syncing content from a higher environment down to a lower environment for consistency of content.

How to Use

1. Create Packager Page

Create a new page named to suit your current needs and select the ‘Asset Packager’ page type. 

screen grab of creating a packager page

2. Define the Content Path

Open the dialog on the page by selecting ‘Edit’ in the toolbar present and at the bottom of the dialog add the path to the page(s) you would like to package.

screen shot of defining the content path

3. Package Content

Once the page path is set click ‘Create Package’ to create the package with the definition supplied in the dialog, follow the link to the new package in the Package Manager. All that’s left is to build and download the package to use it!

screen shot of package content

Learn More

For additional information on the Asset Packager, visit the official documentation.