Bounteous Quoted in Forrester Research on Agile CMS, Shares Insight on New Content Paradigm

February 11, 2020
The Agile CMS Cookbook: Tales From The Test Kitchen.” image

Bounteous is included in a recent report by Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, titled, “The Agile CMS Cookbook: Tales From The Test Kitchen.” 

“Agile CMS” is a term coined by Forrester in 2018 following the age of “headless CMS” referring to the upstream focus of the content management system (CMS) and the stitching together of systems on the back-end. The concept unpacks the user experience from implications during the authoring stage and beyond into collaboration, and the dovetailing into other systems and services. 

Forrester identifies a powerful shift on the horizon from single-channel to omnichannel and what that means for content strategy and the CMS, but predicts this to happen slowly with changing technology categories and investment palates. That’s because the virtuous cycle that underpins Agile CMS — content ideation, creation, delivery, and insight — is still not fully understood or embraced by many stakeholders. 

In the report, Forrester looks at the people, processes, and platforms that are necessary to leverage the latest technologies to manage content in an Agile fashion. Because Agile CMS will dramatically impact a company’s content and digital experience architecture, Bounteous SVP of Experience Design Amanda Ruzin lays out questions progressive clients ask in order to expedite alignment and create a forward-thinking, unified vision.

“In order for Agile CMS to drive an effective content cycle, there needs to be a bridge of the right people with the right skills at the table, with Agile process to define how they work, and the tools that enable them to be successful,” Ruzin said. “Imagining the future of content creation requires focus on both the processes and technology, but also opens us up to new possibilities across the entire digital experience.”

Ruzin, under the leadership of recently appointed CXO Marc Blanchard, leads a team of content strategists, writers, and experience designers that fuse content and creative for transformative brand experiences, extending across digital and physical. In February 2020, it was announced that Bounteous acquired The Archer Group, greatly expanding its experience capabilities and service offerings.

The Agile CMS report, authored by Nick Barber and Mark Grannan, aims to help application development and delivery professionals understand what’s next in the CMS market. Forrester spoke with end-user organizations, technology providers, and service providers on how Agile content curation and orchestration are redefining content and technology strategies. Bounteous is one of a dozen companies interviewed for the report, including partners Contentful and Kentico Software. 

Forrester has quoted Ruzin in research on content strategy twice in recent months. In October 2019, she was included in the report, “A Practical Guide To Modern Content Strategy.”