Webinar: Get More Out of Your SEM Investment with Google Search Ads 360

June 11, 2020
By Bounteous

Managing Search Engine Marketing is labor-intensive and complex. Google’s Search Ads 360 delivers enterprise management capabilities to reduce the time and complexity of your overall SEM program. It does so in three ways:

Efficiency: Decreasing hours spent on manual tasks with powerful bid, budget, keyword, and ad management tools.

Automation: Providing technology to learn and activate on data trends.

Attribution: Best-in-class measurement to deliver complete attribution data to the point of conversion. Flexible models learn from your data to drive increased performance.

Our Sr. Director of Media Stephen Kapusta and Director of Marketing and Education Michael Bartholow, break down these three themes in this informative on-demand webinar. 

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Key Takeaways Include:

  • Learn how to calculate your true SEM program costs and identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Inventory data gaps and understand how your current business data should be informing your SEM efforts.
  • Upgrade your ad tracking and reporting to speak to business-level goals and objectives, not just unique conversion actions.
  • Understand how your business can leverage this software or how you can partner with Bounteous to achieve enterprise results.