Press Release: Bounteous Launches Compelling Product Experiences with Akeneo

September 30, 2020 | Bounteous x Accolite
Press Release: Bounteous Launches Compelling Product Experiences with Akeneo

Introducing a holistic approach to create advanced product experiences

CHICAGOSeptember 30, 2020 — Leading digital transformation agency Bounteous today announced a new joint offering, Compelling Product Experiences, in collaboration with long-standing partner Akeneo, a global leader in Product Experience Management solutions. The offering is designed to help businesses successfully transform digital product experiences for their customers and provide a complete product management solution that increases productivity and online revenues.

Following a record-setting year, Bounteous was elevated from an Akeneo Silver Solutions partner to one of the very few Gold Solutions partners in North America and was also awarded the B2C Project of the Year at Akeneo PIM Summit (APS) 2020. Through this new offering, Bounteous and Akeneo aim to extend their strategic approach to any company that manufactures, supplies, distributes, or sells products in North America.

The Compelling Product Experiences solution is Product Experience Management (PXM) for organizations with complex data requirements. PXM is a newer concept for how audiences holistically experience products visually and from an informational perspective. It is not one specific tool or platform, but rather the experience that surrounds a product, often supported by multiple platforms. An effective PXM requires businesses to provide product information in a way that is both contextualized and personalized across the customer journey. Creating PXM depends upon a number of platforms working together.

Bounteous specializes in seamlessly integrating Akeneo PIM with various ERP, eCommerce, CMS, CDP, CRM, print, product syndication, and other platforms to help businesses create complete product experiences out of complex data and environments.

"Bounteous is a key partner for Akeneo in North America and helps organizations create state-of-the-art product experiences for their customers," said Mike Bender, North America Vice President of Sales at Akeneo. "Their strong expertise across commerce platforms makes even the most challenging PXM solutions a success, returning the results that organizations need."

With today’s consumers expecting seamless product experiences from beginning to end, across all channels, Bounteous’ Compelling Product Experiences solution is timely, helping businesses navigate complex product data structures and perform advanced data modeling to implement successful solutions that deliver transformational product experiences.

"Akeneo’s Product Information Management solution and the ability of their team to craft strategic PXM solutions makes their offering one of the first we recommend to businesses in need of a digital product experience transformation," said Jean Bordelon, Director of Data Management at Bounteous. "We truly believe that Product Experience Management is the foundation of a successful retail digital transformation."

To learn more about the Compelling Product Experiences solution, visit the Bounteous website.

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Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale. Akeneo’s open-source enterprise PIM, and product data intelligence solutions, dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy while simplifying and accelerating product catalog management.
Leading global brands, including Midland Scientific, Air Liquide, Fossil,, and Auchan trust Akeneo’s solutions to scale and customize their omnichannel and cross-border commerce initiatives. Using Akeneo, brands and retailers can improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce time to market, go global, and boost team productivity.
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