Adobe DITAWORLD 2020 Virtual Conference: XML Documentation for Scalable Technical Knowledge

October 30, 2020
XML Webinar Resource Image

Steven Carter, Associate Principal Architect at Bounteous, hosted a session during Adobe DITAWORLD 2020, focused on the XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution that provides a seamless, component-based structure to map high-volume, complex information at scale.

Attendees gained an understanding of a crucial XML DITA implementation solution through an explanation of industry best practices, platform tips and tricks, and a compelling F5 client success story.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Ways to structure content at scale using configured components and template mapping
  • How to utilize the XML Documentation for AEM to generate pages and content
  • The importance of providing consistent digital experiences across touchpoints
  • How to provide a scalable foundation built on AEM best practices 
  • The ability to facilitate increased engagement by efficiently managing resources and improving the user experience