Acquia Engage: Pulling It Off - How Category Leaders Innovate Rapidly

November 04, 2020
By Bounteous

In a landscape where change is constant, it's essential to invest in digital innovation. Tackling transformation at scale requires a winning strategy and a re-examination of relationships between agencies and partners.

Bounteous enables partners like Acquia, Shake Shack, and Mars Wrigley to stay ahead of their competition through the Principles of Co-innovation.

In this Acquia Engage keynote, Bounteous is joined by Shake Shack and Mars Wrigley to discuss changing consumer needs during the pandemic and how these organizations responded with agility to create new digital innovations. Through co-innovation partnerships, these category leaders have created new digital products in record time.

Mars Wrigley Global Chief Information Officer, Romain Apert; Shake Shack VP of Digital Technology, Jeffrey Rausch; and Bounteous CEO Keith Schwartz join forces to share how co-innovation leads to exceptional results.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How to bring innovation to the Acquia platform by creating new service offerings
  • Use cases from Shake Shack and Mars Wrigley on responding to new consumer needs
  • How collaborative partnerships foster the adoption of digital innovation