Press Release: FortyFour is Now Part of Bounteous

December 8, 2020 | Bounteous x Accolite
Blog Image FortyFour is now part of Bounteous

Today FortyFour becomes part of Bounteous.

Today has been an announcement over a year in the making. A thoughtful process that can now be shared with all of those we care about: our team members at FortyFour, our clients, and our friends. This is a testament to the outstanding team we have assembled, the growing business we have created, and the tremendous skill sets we have developed. We are exceptionally proud. It's a milestone day for those of us at FortyFour as well as for the client and agency community in Atlanta.

We're incredibly excited about what this unlocks for our clients and our team in the years to come. We were deliberate in our search for the right partner. We would not compromise; we would excel with the right partner or we would reach those heights ourselves over time. When Bounteous made a compelling case that we put our shared goals together, we agreed. Bounteous has great respect for our incredible team, our culture, our clients, and our city.

To Our Team

First and foremost, thank you! The evolution of our team these past few years as we worked together, learned together, welcomed new members, and supported each other has been a joy to behold. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Your dedication, your talent, your work ethic, and your abilities have gotten us here. Our focus has always been to find a partner who would provide even more opportunities for your growth, for your careers, and for the clients we support. In Bounteous, we believe we have achieved that.

To Our Families

Throughout this journey, you've been our rocks. You've supported us at every step along the way. We've made the sacrifices that come with being entrepreneurs, and you've been there beside us and always behind us. Although this is a milestone, the journey continues. We will carry our entrepreneurial spirit forward with Bounteous and start the next chapter, knowing you'll once again be there with us.

To Our Clients

A partnership is a combination of trust, doing great work together, and mutual respect. Together we have built great partnerships. Our values of transparency, collaboration, and honesty have gotten us here, and that will not change. Just as we looked for a partner who would be a great fit for our team, we wanted a partner who could bolster our capabilities and introduce new ones. Today we are stronger, we are more significant, and we have more resources than ever before. Our combined firm is a leading commerce, marketing, analytics, and experience platform team that will continue to bring the high level of service and quality of work we have always sought to deliver with expertise and empathy. 

To Our Community

Although we service clients across the globe and have established offices in Mexico City and abroad, we have always been proud to call Atlanta our home. The majority of our team is here; we send our kids to school here, we take in cultural, sporting, and music events here. We eat, shop, and donate locally because we are proud to be from this great city that has given us so much. Now, we welcome Bounteous to Atlanta. We will continue to grow here, we will continue to give back, we will continue to be part of a diverse and thriving city that embraces change and reinvention while always understanding its history.

As a year like no other comes to an end we begin a new chapter as Bounteous. We move forward with a shared purpose and the belief that we have the chance to rise to new heights. Together.

Thomas, Raghu, Adam

""signatures of Thomas, Raghu, and Adam of FortyFour