2021 Beyond Big Data: Adding ML Capabilities to Your Marketing Tech Stack Without Getting Lost in the Black Box

March 22, 2021
2021 Beyond Big Data Event Image

As marketing teams and their tech stacks mature, opportunities to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence grow. Salesforce, Google, Adobe, and other enterprise vendors claim to bring the power of AI to marketing teams. Democratization of ML comes with risks and responsibilities. How do organizations align marketers with engineers and data scientists to create a roadmap for leveraging ML at scale and retain visibility into the pipeline? 

During the 2021 Beyond Big Data: AI/Machine Learning Summit, Tyler Norris walked through high-level strategies for leveraging machine learning in organizations and how it varies with different team structures and capabilities. He also discussed a framework to help organizations know when to leverage built-in ML capabilities or take a more customized approach to machine learning.

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