QSR Magazine: The Industry's Digital Evolution Is Here To Stay


June 28, 2021 | Bounteous x Accolite

Convenience and safety: the underlying forces that have completely evolved the restaurant industry in every way and have resulted in remarkable breakthroughs for the customer experience. By giving customers the ultimate choice and utilizing tactics from other industries, physical layouts and ordering formats in restaurants will forever be impacted from this past year. Yet, Bounteous EVP Kevin Rice shares with QSR Magazine that the greatest outcome from going digital is the new wealth of first-party customer data.

“In an industry that has always relied on traditional advertising and mass media communications, the ability to capture and action upon real-time customer data is allowing marketers to edge closer into the world of personalization,” Rice shared. Digital marketing strategies and practices have emerged way sooner than expected because brands have been able to refine and leverage their data about their customers like never before. However, Rice argues that brands will need to heavily rely on technology to meet or surpass the status quo when it comes to brand marketing and creativity in the future.

In an effort to continue convenience and safety in the restaurant industry, Rice reveals emerging trends that show a shift toward curbside pick-up & first-party delivery rather than in-store pickup & third-party delivery. He reports, “brands that have their own delivery are seeing an uptick, while those relying on third-party are seeing a drop.” Furthermore, this is where the wealth of first-party data will come in handy and brands will discover that technology has all the answers they need for raising the bar in their customer experience.

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