eBook: How the Digital Experience Drives Customer Loyalty

July 27, 2021
By Bounteous

Today, more than ever, convenience store operators need a dynamic, adaptive marketing approach that builds customer relationships in real-time through personalized offers and consistent omnichannel experiences. Retailers are beginning to see the value in repositioning their marketing strategy from the traditional loyalty offerings like points and discounts to one based on experiences and 1:1 consumer connections.

In partnership with Bounteous+Hathway, this innovative guide from Punchh reveals insights on the changing landscape of loyalty and how you can adapt your current program to drive higher engagement, heightened personalization, and craft a customized experience for your customers.

In this new ebook, you'll find the answers for delivering valuable digital customer loyalty that increases spend and lifetime value. Learn more about:

  • The State of the Industry and how shifts in purchasing patterns are redefining the C-Store space
  • How customer expectations are evolving and how retailers can adapt their program to be more customized, convenient, and personalized for their shoppers
  • The motivators of active loyalists and how to incentivize the right behaviors to drive incremental sales
  • Tips on adapting your loyalty program to drive frequency, sales gains, and engagement from your customer base

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