Introducing NomNom 3.0: New Ways To Accelerate

February 22, 2022 | Bounteous x Accolite

NomNom has always been about one thing: accelerating our partners to new milestones in digital maturity. We’re excited to announce NomNom 3.0, and to share some progress we’ve made that can help our partners realize digital growth faster than ever before.

Powering more than $2 billion in annual digital sales, our proprietary technology accelerator NomNom helps organizations build custom, enterprise-grade experiences on web, apps and kiosks. In 2021, we reached new heights in scale, launched our new NomNom 3.0 architecture in July, and invested in a next-generation recommendations engine powered by machine learning. Let’s take a look!

2021 NomNom By The Numbers

This past year was the biggest year yet for NomNom. There are now more than 25 total brands leveraging NomNom to power digital experiences across more than 13,000 retail locations. Brands on NomNom 3.0, our latest architecture, are seeing growth in key metrics that outpace industry benchmarks, including healthy Average Order Values – $18.72 in QSR, $22.94 in Fast Casual and $43.50 in Casual Dining – and strong Conversion Rates – 2.5x the industry average for Food & Drink.

NomNom 3.0

Released in July of 2021, NomNom 3.0 (XPS) is a new core codebase powering cross-platform or “Hybrid” web and mobile experiences. The core principle of our new architecture is to unlock greater potential for code reuse, by packaging capabilities and code into modules.“Packages” or “Modules” are available for key capabilities (e.g., Apple Pay) and can be deployed and tested with minimal effort. Once a module exists, downstream adoption is significantly easier.

These modules are independent units of functionality that can be tested in isolation before they are incorporated into a NomNom 3.0 deployment. We can set up automated testing to reduce testing burden on individual applications as they are deployed, and ensure that updates are good to go before they are rolled into an app or website.

Mike Maxwell
Bounteous, SVP

Benefits of NomNom 3.0 include:

  • Easily adopt modules: Future capabilities built as Modules can be adopted by any client on NomNom 3.0 with significantly reduced effort
  • Simplified testing: Efforts are focused, as clients adopting the same Module can leverage common scripts, automation, etc.
  • Reduced maintenance: Given the simplified implementation brought about by the 3.0 architecture, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced  (i.e., fix defects in a Package once)
  • Realize roadmaps faster: Between the benefits of a hybrid or cross-platform solution (write code for a feature once, get it live across three platforms) and NomNom 3.0’s architecture (write less code to implement new features), brands can “double down” and significantly accelerate roadmaps


Modules in NomNom 3.0 include:

  • Apple Pay: Now a standard feature in some payments architectures
  • mParticle: Pre-built integration with leading Customer Data Platform
  • AWS Cognito: New option for clients seeking Identity Management solutions
  • Punchh: Core Punchh package adopted across multiple clients 
  • App Review Prompt: All NomNom Ionic implementations now include as standard
  • Multi-Tenant Support: Support for NomNom tenants within a single frontend codebase

NomNom 3.0 is already generating results for a number of brands, including City Barbecue and Red Robin (on the web) and Denny’s, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s and Pieology (“hybrid” or cross-platform applications).

Upgrading to NomNom 3.0

For existing clients leveraging older versions of NomNom, we can conduct an evaluation to measure the ROI of migrating to NomNom 3.0. Decision factors may include:

  • Customizations in your current codebase 
  • Synergy between your roadmap and the roadmap for NomNom 3.0
  • Channel preferences and personas within your user base
  • If you are currently on a previous version of NomNom and would like to learn more about how to migrate to NomNom 3.0 to take advantage of these new features, please contact your account team.

New NomNom Experiences

In addition to launching our new NomNom 3.0 architecture, our brands launched many new experiences and customizations in 2021, each benefiting from NomNom in different ways.

Low/No Code Capabilities

All NomNom clients can now benefit from a variety of “low-code” and “no-code” capabilities. It’s never been easier to tap into the value of Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing (via Google Optimize), improved analytics (via Google Analytics 4), and various deeplinking journeys. The insights gained from pre-purchase, item-level analytics in Google Analytics 4 (e.g., understanding drop-off rates by product) can help brands make more informed decisions about the menu architecture, menu and PDP presentation, and even inform product R&D efforts such as “pretotyping” (assess consumer interest in food products which may not yet exist).

Firebase Dynamic Links enables key deep linking use cases to destinations within a mobile application; there are no fees for Firebase, and teams can get started quickly to implement deep links from the Web, social media, or CRM/Loyalty campaigns, removing friction from key user journeys and increasing conversion.


Clients also implemented some powerful new custom experiences in 2021, showcasing that no matter the business goal or objective, Bounteous and NomNom can get you there faster. Noodles & Co. launched an embedded or “native” Delivery Tracker interface in its mobile apps and ordering site, allowing guests to track the location of dispatch delivery drivers in near-real-time. Raising Cane’s implemented an improved Group Ordering interface that makes it super easy for guests to invite their friends and colleagues and “get clickin’ for chicken.” Panda Express implemented a geolocation-powered “Skip The Line” feature which allows dine-in guests to order from their handsets and save time. Capabilities like these improve NomNom’s libraries and can help brands pull roadmap items in faster.


With our 2021 updates to NomNom Deploy, we’ve made web application deployments faster and more reliable. The new web application deployment process and infrastructure eliminates the need for any frontend server and reduces frontend deploy times by 50%. Improved rollback options reduce risk associated with “live” frontend deployments.

Launches, Launches and More Launches!

We launched a staggering number of new mobile apps and websites in 2021 that are powered by NomNom – more than 30 new applications across more than 10 brands, a few of which are highlighted in our full 2021 Bounteous Year in Review post.

What's Next for NomNom?

The 2022 NomNom roadmap will focus on enhancing our core product, expanding our data science offerings, and introducing new products.

New Capabilities and Core Integrations

We’ll continue to expand solutions around payments, including building a core module for Olo Pay in NomNom 3.0, as well as providing brands alternative (non-Olo) solutions to activate payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. We are also aiming to extend our modularization effort into the UX/UI layer, ensuring that patterns and user flows are intuitive, highly usable, and ready to support more personalized use cases.

Data Science

Knowing more about customers, and using that data to your advantage, is key to climbing the digital maturity ladder. We’ll continue to invest in machine-learning-powered solutions for cross sell to further grow Average Order Value and basket size. We’re also aiming to extend our data science practice to tackle new use cases in upsell, fully configured products, and guest churn.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these items represent the tentpoles of our 2022 NomNom roadmap. We’re confident that with these improvements and others made in 2022, NomNom will continue to provide unmatched value, and help create ever-better customer experiences for your users