Say Hello to Einstein GPT from Salesforce

July 26, 2023 | Courtney Hofbauer
Say Hello to Einstein GPT from Salesforce

With rapid changes in artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI solutions, the world is at a pivotal moment in technological history and Salesforce is similarly jumping into the conversations with a great new suite of offerings.

According to Gartner, 70 percent of organizations are currently in exploration mode with generative AI. Most of these investments are centered around customer experience and retention, but executives are also researching how automation and generative AI can be applied to business decisions and predict the impact of inflation or talent shortages. 

Improving on Salesforce’s Enterprise AI With Einstein GPT 

For more than a decade, Salesforce’s Enterprise AI, Einstein, has shown companies how to use CRM data and predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and create personalized journeys and experiences. The next step in Salesforce’s AI revolution? Einstein GPT. 

Salesforce Connections 2023 showcased how Einstein AI will continue to fuel innovation and business growth with Einstein GPT. In the main keynote, Salesforce put out the call to all TrAIlblazers to prepare to be change agents in the new world of AI. Said President Sarah Franklin: 

We are innovators and pioneers. We are people that say no to the status quo, and we are people that most importantly we don’t just have the courage to lead, we leave a path for others to follow in our footsteps.

Sarah Franklin
President, Salesforce

Bounteous is a TrAIlblazer

As a Salesforce partner, we leverage continuous learning about how digital experiences can drive better customer interactions and make every company a customer company. We’ve been helping customers with Salesforce since 2007, and with 250 certifications across all core clouds, we look forward to these announcements and opportunities to maximize the value customers are getting out of the Salesforce platform.

Bounteous was a proud Explorer Sponsor of this year’s Connections which hosted more than 10,000 commerce and marketing executives. As a company, we are leaning into generative AI to help our clients solve today’s challenges. We are ready to be part of the AI Generation and want to help other companies on this journey.

How Company Leaders Can Prepare For Generative AI Breakthroughs
By Keith Schwartz,
Chief Executive Officer
· June 26, 2023

Using AI, Data, and CRM to Optimize Operations  

Marketers are shaping the landscape of generative AI. Our team has reviewed all the new Salesforce announcements and enhancements. We are taking that new path forward and are energized by the new opportunities this technology revolution has created for businesses to increase efficiencies, speed to market, and engagement with customers. 

Einstein is here to help you, not replace you.

Sarah Franklin
President, Salesforce

Here are some highlights for the upcoming Einstein enhancements.  

A Generative Framework That Delivers Trusted Experiences 

Einstein GPT is the world’s most trusted generative AI for enterprise, and now every company can have its own data scientist in every Salesforce cloud. Seventy-three percent of employees believe that generative AI will create an increase in new security risks, and 60 percent don’t know how to keep that data secure. 

The foundation of Einstein is trust. The Einstein GPT Trust layer includes industry-leading data privacy and data security built into the Customer 360 experience. This trust layer will not only keep your data safe but also prevents large-language models from retaining your sensitive customer data.  Your organization can be confident that your Salesforce solutions are maintaining data governance controls while you are using generative AI capabilities.

language models graphic

Large Language Models for Einstein GPT

Generative AI solutions need pre-trained, large language models (LLM) to generate content based on prompts and to craft a response that is accurate and meets user expectations. With Einstein GPT’s open system, companies have the ability to use the Salesforce LLM, their own language model and/or their preferred third-party model to create generative content. 

A Focus on Security 

Salesforce takes trust seriously; it is one of the core principles of their business and at the center of Einstein GPT. With data masking and zero retention, companies know that data is not compromised by being on the Salesforce platform. It is only available to authorized users in your organization. The data will be stored separately, as it should be for data governance, so there is zero data pollution within your first-party data. This will keep it safe and separate from any public data you may be using in your targeting. 

Customer Feedback Loop 

AI is no substitute for real people! Customer feedback is essential to help the AI continue to learn. This feedback loop allows your company to understand the true needs of your customers by continuing to collect data and adding new details to your customer profiles. This will allow you to use AI and generative AI to create better target segments and set up campaigns with AI-generated content that will resonate with their buying behaviors. 

Building Generative AI for Every Salesforce Cloud 

AI is here to help not replace, and that is true when it comes to getting the most out of your Salesforce platforms and investments. With Einstein GPT integrating generative AI into every cloud, your business can scale faster, save time, automate, customize and personalize for increased engagement. Here are some of the upcoming enhancements coming to each cloud. 

marketing gdp logo

Marketing GPT brings Einstein into every campaign. Generative AI makes it easy for marketers to scale their first-party data and optimize audience segments for targeting, assist in crafting better marketing messages and even personalize campaign journeys.

commerce gdp logo

Commerce GPT puts Einstein in every purchase. With Flexible storefront creation for your website, time savings with generative product descriptions and suggesting commerce goals based on customer behavior you can customize every step of the buying journey to increase conversions.


sales gdp logo

Sales GPT unleashes sales growth with Einstein. Your CRM data and AI make it possible for predictive pipeline modeling and day-to-day client relationship management easier by helping sales teams auto-craft personalized emails and create team productivity flows to save time and drive revenue.

sales gdp logo

Service GPT adds Einstein to every customer service team. Real-time data and generative AI is here to help your team save time by generating service responses, automating routine tasks and creating case summaries so your service team can spend more time building your customer loyalty.

slack logo

Slack GPT adds Einstein to the conversation. Conversational AI will natively provide writing assistance, generate conversation summaries and most importantly build no-code, automated workflows.


Tableau GDP logo

Tableau GPT makes data insights easier with Einstein. Generative AI helps you better understand and interact with your data for predictive revenue models, revenue goal recommendations and data visualizations to display real-time sales progress against quota.

As Salesforce continues to open pilot programs and beta testing, its software ecosystem will continue to mature its AI capabilities and solutions to boost business revenue. As Salesforce experts, we are excited and ready to blaze the AI trail with our own implementations and our clients.