Assembling the Ultimate Innovation Lab Team: Essential Roles and Strategies for Success

August 3, 2023 | Skyler Lauren
Assembling the Ultimate Innovation Lab Team: Essential Roles and Strategies for Success

In business, innovation is the key to success. Nurturing a culture of innovation, however, can be a daunting task. Enter the Innovation Lab team, a focused group that creates a dynamic environment for experimentation, collaboration, and rapid iteration—all with minimal investment. Whether your company is looking to adopt generative AI technology, create virtual reality (VR) experiences, or experiment with other emerging technologies, Innovation Labs provide the structured space needed to test and learn. 

While different companies address this in different ways, you can likely distill the essential functions of an Innovation Lab team down to a few key roles and be strategic on how to maximize their value. An effective Innovation Lab team can be composed of an Innovation Lead, a cross-functional group of Innovators, and a Steering Committee.

Innovation Lead

The Innovation Lead is pivotal to the success of an Innovation Lab. They are responsible for setting the strategic direction, cultivating an innovation mindset, and ensuring seamless communication. The Lead must ensure effective communication not only within the team but also with the Steering Committee and the broader business. As the constant presence in a team of rotating innovators, the Innovation Lead acts as the glue that keeps the group focused and facilitates collaboration.

It is crucial that your Innovation Lead possesses both an open-minded attitude and a results-driven mindset. Being open-minded allows them to embrace diverse perspectives, explore unconventional ideas, and foster a creative environment that encourages innovation. At the same time, a results-driven approach ensures that the team stays focused on delivering tangible outcomes aligned with the organization's goals. This unique combination of qualities empowers the Innovation Lead to strike the perfect balance between nurturing creativity and driving impactful results, ultimately leading to the success of your Innovation Lab.

Core Role Responsibilities: Team guidance, facilitation, and accountability for Innovation Lab outcomes.


Innovators form a small, cross-functional group with diverse backgrounds. Creative problem-solving and unique perspectives flourish in an environment that brings together individuals from various departments and skill sets. This diversity enables the team to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation that aligns with the company's overarching goals and vision.

While a dedicated group of innovators can be valuable, a rotating team is often more feasible. Allocating time for team members to engage in the Innovation Lab may seem like a significant investment, but by rotating members in and out, it becomes a manageable investment with substantial returns. Providing opportunities for team members to participate in the Lab also serves as a powerful incentive and a refreshing break from routine tasks. Although everyone is encouraged to take part in Innovation Lab activities, it’s essential to strategically plan and designate specific individuals as Innovators to ensure continued success.

Core Role Responsibilities: Developing Proof of Concept (PoC), researching new technologies, and exploring novel ideas.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is integral to the success of any Innovation Lab, providing strategic guidance, oversight, and support to ensure alignment with the organization's broader goals and objectives. The Committee contributes diverse perspectives and expertise, offering valuable input, feedback, and direction that keeps the lab focused on generating meaningful business results. The best Steering Committees members are program and business leaders willing to sponsor and advance Innovation Lab discoveries throughout the organization.

It’s critical that the Steering Committee possess the ability to effectively absorb and process information shared by the Innovation Lab team. This skill enables them to analyze and understand the implications of the team's findings, allowing them to identify potential applications for specific business challenges or needs. By actively engaging with the team's insights and connecting them to the broader organizational context, the Steering Committee can provide strategic guidance that maximizes the impact of the Innovation Lab's efforts, ensuring that its innovative solutions drive real-world results and contribute to the company's overall growth and success.

Core Role Responsibilities: Reviewing lab activities, identifying challenges, and determining when ideas should progress beyond PoCs.

Assemble Your Team

Fostering a culture of innovation is essential for staying competitive and achieving long-term success. The Innovation Lab team—which consists of an Innovation Lead, cross-functional Innovators, and a Steering Committee—is a powerful instrument for driving innovation while minimizing investment. Understanding and effectively implementing the roles and strategies discussed in this article empowers organizations to create a dynamic environment that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and rapid iteration, ultimately unlocking their full potential for growth and success. As you embark on your innovation journey, remember that the right team, coupled with a strategic approach and commitment to continuous improvement, will be the foundation of a thriving, innovative organization. 

Committing to an Innovation Lab team can seem like a big step, and sometimes it may be necessary to bring in additional support to get an initiative like this off the ground. In addition to actually helping with innovative ideas, we often can help organizations think through the steps required to build this capability in-house, exploring technology, validating ideas, and securing internal buy-in, all while ensuring that an Innovation Lab approach aligns with broader business objectives. Successfully launching an Innovation Lab can help unlock your organization's full potential for innovation and growth.