Winter ‘24 Salesforce Release: Enhancing Your Salesforce Platforms

November 30, 2023
Winter ‘24 Salesforce Release: Enhancing Your Salesforce Platforms

As the leaves fall and the weather gets colder, it's time for the Salesforce Winter release. Salesforce upgrades and adds new features three times a year: Spring, Summer, and Winter. The 2024 Winter release has exciting opportunities for the platform as Einstein AI becomes infused throughout the ecosystem. Marketers will be able to use AI to increase personalization and make more insightful decisions. 

Embrace the Future: Einstein AI Transforms Marketing

Marketing teams are tasked to stretch budgets and do more with less. Automation and copy assistance can save time and provide cost-saving insights into which marketing activities will strategically grow a business. 

The first step to taking advantage of these releases is to register the brand within the Einstein Copy Insights Brand Center and create a brand identity. This sets the personality that a customer will see in their communications. For example, a user might create a personality labeled “Urgent” to convey a sense of urgency and prioritize deadlines and actions at the beginning of the message. Descriptions of the personality allow Einstein to generate subject lines and messages appropriate for the brand guidelines and the type of message that is being sent. Then, teams can generate content that resonates with Einstein Copy Insights and Content Builder Typeface Block. 

Einstein Copy Insights aids marketing teams in creating the most compelling content that resonates with customers. Once enabled, users can create subject lines and body copy from key samples of previously-written copy and subject lines. Einstein can then generate copy based on historical messaging and mimic a brand’s unique personality and identity. Testing and personalizing content to improve performance teaches Einstein how to communicate with target audiences. Plus, it’s safe: The Salesforce Trust Layer backs every generation to protect against bias and toxicity. Data is masked and never stored to prevent exposing personally identifying information. 

Content Builder Typeface Block allows users to create on-brand multichannel campaigns with the new Typeface generative AI content platform. Add text and apply filters to enhance current assets, or get imaginative by removing backgrounds, expanding images, replacing objects, or editing images with a few clicks and natural language. This saves product costs and time by allowing multiple campaigns to be created at scale with high-end images that do not require graphic design support. 

Einstein’s AI and Segmentation: Personalizing at Scale to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Personalized messaging can be scaled with the help of Einstein’s content generation capabilities. Those messages can be even more personalized with Einstein Segment Creation and Segment Intelligence’s enhanced segmentation capabilities. 

Generate complex segments that create personalized experiences using Segment Creation and remove the need to manually define audiences and attributes. Fully operational, editable segments based on customer data in Data Cloud are created using natural-language prompts. This reduces the complexity of trying to segment lists and increases time to value. 

Once segments are segments created and are being targeted with customized content, seeing the ROI on campaigns is key. Segment Intelligence is an in-platform intelligence tool from Data Cloud for Marketing that provides insights on segment performance. With out-of-the-box connectors and pre-built visualization, Einstein helps optimize segments and activation across marketing channels and clouds. 

Revolutionizing Referral Marketing in the Cloud: Building Customer Loyalty and New Leads

Loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors. With the Winter ‘24 release, users can build referral programs to acquire new customers, drive product adoption, grow sales, and capture more data.

The referral program capability offers customers a simple process that allows them to opt into the program and share via social media or email to their network. Current customers can be served an offer after someone in their network activates their offer, and they will receive an incentive by using the referral link. This functionality reinforces loyalty among current customers while simultaneously driving new sales. 

Data Cloud Enhancements: Gaining Deeper Insights for More Informed Customer Engagement

Data Clouds unified profiles make it possible to continue to learn about customers and enrich profiles as they continue to interact with a brand. Winter ‘24 releases harmonize more customer information with Copy Fields and Related Lists from Data Clouds. 

Related lists query data that is harmonized in Data Cloud so users can see information across Salesforce enterprise with a single component. With this new feature, users can see related lists for a customer across multiple organizations. For example, if there are multiple Salesforce orgs, they could see all the email engagements a customer has throughout the brand.

Data can now be copied from a Data Cloud Data Model Object (DMO) or Calculated Insight Object (CIO) field into the contact, lead standard, or custom fields. This gives users the ability to enhance contacts and leads with additional insights, including lifetime value, and can be aggregated into Data Cloud from other orgs or third-party systems.

These updates enhance Customer 360 and enable Data Cloud objects and insights so businesses can learn more about customers in their unified profiles. 

Data-Driven B2B Marketing: Leveraging Data Cloud for Comprehensive Market Insights

B2B marketers can ramp up their efforts with analytics and data unification from the Data Cloud. Data can be stitched from multiple sources to create unified accounts. This allows users to accelerate sales and service productivity by running data and providing insights that activate marketing messages that resonate most with customers based on real-time insights. Identity resolution processes for accounts and users can now create a resolution ruleset using the Account as the primary data model object. 

These Data Cloud updates will help B2B marketers work with their sales teams to have unified profiles and valuable insights to understand where they are in the sales process or what type of content would resonate best with clients or prospects. 

Strategic Campaign Prioritization: Mastering Market Impact with Waterfall Segments

When multiple offers run in a campaign, the new Data Cloud waterfall segments will allow users to create a hierarchical structure to prioritize campaigns. This ensures that if there are several discounts, customers will not receive more than one offer. 

Campaigns will be targeted by creating a prioritized list of exclusive segments so customers are only a member of one segment of a waterfall, and they will only receive one offer. Segments can be rearranged to adjust the priority. 

This functionality is not yet available for general audiences but is available as a pilot. 

Embracing the Winter ‘24 Release: Staying Ahead in the Market with Salesforce Innovations

As we embrace the Salesforce Winter ‘24 release, we're not just adapting to changes; we're seizing opportunities to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market. The innovations brought forth in this release are more than just upgrades—they are pivotal tools for businesses seeking to lead and excel. By adopting these advanced features, from Einstein AI's enhanced capabilities to the Marketing Cloud's refined strategies, your business can not only keep pace but also set the pace in a competitive landscape. Stay at the forefront of innovation and market leadership with Salesforce's latest offerings, ensuring your business remains agile, informed, and ahead of the curve in today's dynamic market.

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