Q2 Industry Report: The Case for Kiosks

May 16, 2024 | Bounteous x Accolite
65% of customers said they would visit a restaurant more if self-service kiosks were offered

Self-ordering kiosks have been slow to reach mass adoption – stalled first because customers weren’t ready and then by pandemic closures and safety measures. In 2024, guests are back on-premise with high expectations of digital convenience and speedy order times. At the same time, operators are challenged by staff shortages, rising labor costs, and the need to boost revenue and margins. These trends mean the time is finally right for kiosks, making them a top digital priority for many brands today.

In our Q2 2024 Industry Report, The Case for Kiosks, we’ll dive into:

  • Why kiosks are experiencing strong growth with sustained growth projected ahead 
  • How kiosks drive profitability through efficiency and integration
  • The ways in which AI and biometrics will radically transform kiosk transactions
  • Why a growing number of diners now prefer kiosks 
  • How to determine if kiosks are a good investment for your brand
Why Download This Report?

Compiled by the expert restaurant and convenience strategy team at Bounteous x Accolite, this report incorporates years of industry knowledge and the latest trends into actionable insights. There’s a lot to consider when implementing kiosks, from
understanding how the technologies fit together to measuring and optimizing performance. Good partners can help guide the process, carefully considering what’s right for your brand. 

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