Gartner® Research Report: 3 Ways Generative AI Augments Digital Commerce

Gartner Report®

3 Ways Generative AI Augments Digital Commerce

According to Gartner®, GenAI is an emerging technology that has shown promise for various business and applications including digital commerce, and organizations are making fast moves. 

The incorporation of GenAI brings about a transformative influence on both content generation and conversational UI. Nevertheless, its impact takes a positive turn when synergized with digital commerce technologies, capitalizing on their inherent strengths. For application leaders, a key consideration lies in strategically prioritizing technology investments, taking into account the distinctive role and influence of GenAI.
Bounteous is providing complimentary access to this Gartner® research report: 3 Ways Generative AI Augments Digital Commerce which focuses the role of GenAI and how it can be used with existing technologies especially for domain-specific applications such as digital commerce.

Learn more about:

  • How GenAI adds value to existing AI and digital commerce technologies
  • How to use digital commerce technologies as the data foundation to provide essential data and interact with GenAI
  • GenAI as a virtual assistant to employees