Bounteous + Acquia Personalization QuickStart Packages

Creating personalized experiences with Acquia Personalization


As a long-standing Acquia Global Level Partner and an Acquia Personalization Solutions Partner, Bounteous uses data to drive personalized engagement and journey orchestration with customers that maximize conversion.

Personalization can seem daunting. We’re here to help create effective customer engagements at all stages of the journey. By using quantitative analysis, we help focus marketing spend and qualitative analysis on the areas that will really make a difference, delivering the right messages, at the right time, via the right channel. Through Bounteous + Acquia Personalization QuickStart Packages, you can discover the moments that truly matter in your customer’s journey and start driving conversions today!


  • Personalization Kickstart Onsite Workshop
  • Small Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package
  • Medium Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package
  • Large Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package

Personalization Kickstart Onsite Workshop

Designed to help mobilize a team that already has Acquia Personalization installed and needs to level-up their capabilities as a team, introducing both general testing and personalization concepts as well as specific tool instruction. This full-day training accelerates adoption through hands-on practice and collaborative discussion and goal setting.

Small Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package

Designed to help teams understand how Acquia Personalization can support personalization on their existing or new site. The team will configure Acquia Personalization, start collecting data, and provide recommendations to support personalization execution.

Medium Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package

Expanding upon the small QuickStart package, this offering also includes review of existing personas, journeys, market research, and analytics. We’ll analyze any existing customer maturity model and include recommendations to optimize the personalization strategy. 

Large Acquia Personalization QuickStart Package

Including the work of both the Small and Medium packages, this offering is designed to work through technical components of integrating third-party tools. The team will provide testing plans to optimize personalization across the customer journey, craft a reporting dashboard based on KPIs, and monitor performance to meet key objectives over throughout a campaign.