Acquia Product Information Management


Expand Acquia DAM with Acquia Product Information Management (PIM) to organize technical product data, feature lists, and other product content. Acquia PIM will help you manage product listings and configure distribution channels to create impactful commerce experiences. With Acquia PIM, you can launch products faster by simplifying the way you assemble and distribute e-commerce product listings and expand into new e-commerce channels while meeting your unique requirements for product data and content.


  • Import Technical Data
  • Product History
  • Verify Data Completeness
  • Associate Assets to Products
  • Rich-Text Editor
  • Product Variants

Import Technical Data

Import product specifications from an upstream ERP, PLM, or MDM system.

Product History

See lifetime activity on a product at a glance. Review the changes made to product information and edit details.

Verify Data Completeness

Identify products that are missing information or need approval.

Associate Assets to Products

Associate new or existing assets in the platform with product records.

Rich-Text Editor

Add product descriptions, feature lists, and other marketing copy with a rich-text editor.

Product Variants

Enrich products at the parent level to cascade values across all related variants.