Acquia Site Studio


Acquia Site Studio redefines what it takes to create beautiful websites. Acquia Site Studio is a low-code, Drupal add-on available for Acquia customers that is more inclusive, collaborative, and agile; speeding up build times by as much as 4x. It empowers non-developers in marketing or other departments to be 100 percent brand compliant.

Combined with our world-class design and site architecture, Acquia Site Studio allows your teams to maintain and grow your sites, ultimately reducing the reliance on development and design teams. Quickly and easily expanding your site content by using existing components and design systems to build new landing pages and site sections.


  • Rapid Assembly
  • Creative & Brand Control
  • Empower Non-Developers

Rapid Assembly

Acquia Site Studio provides components (mini-block “templates”) that you can quickly drag, drop, arrange and nest to create immersive page layouts based on design patterns that you define. The technology also enables easy replication. You can export an entire site’s design and style configuration in full or in part that can be replicated onto many sites. This provides a way to sync brand styles, components, templates and more quickly and easily.

Creative and Brand Control

Using Acquia Site Studio’s templates, you can ensure that your organization’s branding and design aspects are followed completely. Define headers, footers, and other site-wide elements and assemble them into a site or page with ease.

Empower Non-Developers

Acquia Site Studio was built with the vision of enabling people who may not have years of coding skills to be able to build and manage sites. The low-code interface provides all the power of coding without having to write it. Some basic understanding of website concepts is all that’s needed to begin assembling your very own site.