Activate for Adobe Experiential Commerce

An Adobe Experience Cloud Accelerator for Adobe Commerce Sites

Activate for Adobe Experiential Commerce extends the Activate offering to include commerce-specific features and functionality, helping B2C and B2B companies take advantage of the Adobe Commerce Cloud. This solution is specifically designed for commerce websites built on Adobe Commerce and other commerce engines, enabling integration in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Activate for Adobe Experiential Commerce makes it easy for businesses to combine the benefits from both platforms, and get to value faster, adding flexibility, scalability, and acceleration to programs.

Behind the scenes, a platform built on best practices ensures that you are set up for success: your IT team can easily implement upgrades, and content authors can make changes without requiring technical resources. Beyond this baseline, internationalization and multi-site functionality help you reach a growing global audience - all without reinventing the wheel. With Activate, you can be confident that your website is ready now, and for the future.

Experiential Commerce Experience

Bounteous helps companies build proactive user experiences while connecting you to the tools needed to tailor each touchpoint to meet each individual's interests. This ensures the right message is delivered at the right time to create availability and recognition physically, digitally, and virtually.

Focusing on experience-driven commerce, using Adobe Commerce and the Adobe Suite of tools will allow you to optimize your Adobe Commerce investment by personalizing your customers' experiences to deliver a tailored shopping experience across touchpoints—physical, digital, and virtual. 

screen grab from the luma demo site


  • Headless Commerce
  • Designed for Experiential Commerce
  • Optimized Design System
  • Flexible Page Templates
  • Expanded Component Library
  • Powerful Analytics and Targeting
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Multi-Site Readiness
  • Multi-Platform Integrations
  • Training & Support

Headless Commerce

Activate for Experiential Commerce leverages Adobe's Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) to make server- and client-side GraphQL requests to the commerce engine. This enables fully headless scenarios where AEM owns the presentation layer and API calls are made to pull in product/category information, perform commerce transactions, and support account management.

Designed for Experiential Commerce

With built-in layouts and components designed for commerce websites including Product Detail Pages, Product Category Pages, Cart, Checkout, Account Management, and more—Activate for Experiential Commerce adds functionality on top of Activate for Adobe Experience Foundation to effortlessly enable integrations between your commerce website and AEM.

screen grab from luma demo site

Optimized Design System

Built on AEM and enhanced by Bounteous, Activate's design system makes using beautiful, functional components and style guide elements easy.  From colors to fonts to typography, we have you covered. Activate can also integrate with your existing design system, bringing a strong backbone to your established style.

Flexible Page Templates

With pre-defined templates and movable components, content authors have the flexibility to tell their brand story, as well as create additional templates in the system. 

screen grab from Luma Demo Site

Expanded Component Library

Activate goes beyond Adobe's core component set, incorporating components that give visitors the features and interactions they have come to expect. From Google Maps to Search Results to Embedded Video, Activate makes it easy to build a dynamic experience without custom development.

Powerful Analytics and Targeting

Understanding user behavior is key to achieving results. We start with strategy and a platform-agnostic data layer, then work with your tracking and testing tools to craft a unique solution. Information surfaced in this data layer provides a basis for reporting, guidelines for action, and ultimately, a personalized audience experience. Activate integrates with Adobe Launch, Google Tag Manager, or any other tag management solution.

Internationalization and Localization

Create far-reaching experiences with minimal overhead. We leverage our deep experience with internationalization—think a project with 70+ websites, 16 countries, 10 languages, all in one year—to make handling different countries, regions, and languages a matter of simple configuration. Features developed by Bounteous and implemented in Activate give you the power to create lasting experiences for your target consumer, no matter who or where they are.

Multi-Site Readiness

We helped develop Adobe’s current multi-site functionality: reap the benefit of our experience and add your 2nd, 3rd, or 12th website without the need for rework. The benefits are cumulative: each new site builds on your core library, making building the next experience even easier, while bundling multi-site with a design system ensures visual consistency.

Multi-Platform Integration

Seamless integration with Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, and many ERP systems make measuring, strategizing, and marketing simple. If you need to connect Activate to another Adobe program, reach out: we’re ready to help you connect.

Training & Support

Your Activate team will be with you through every stage of development, working with you to install upgrades, build new features, or troubleshoot issues. 

We continue to provide support post-launch. As part of this, we want to empower your team to author content, maintain Activate, and extend its functionality. Activate trainings provide a hands-on workshop to get you started. Available virtually, on-site, or at one of Bounteous' office locations, these sessions set you up for the long term.  

Technical Details

  • Integrates latest versions of AEM, Commerce, Target, Analytics, and Launch
  • Adobe best practices for maintainability and flexibility
  • Industry-leading GraphQL headless commerce capabilities
  • Key features from Adobe ACS AEM Commons
  • Enhancements to WCM Core Components + CIF Core Components
  • Robust suite of unit tests
  • Royalty-free, perpetual license
  • Runbook supports DevOps and Managed Services teams

See how Activate for Commerce comes to life at and view the style guide to learn more.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Activate seems like a great fit, but you’re not sure about your business needs. We get it - and we know that a great experience starts with strategy. Reach out and we’ll help map your digital future.