Adobe Audience Manager


You have insights, now what do you do? With Adobe Audience Manager, turn fragmented data from any channel or device into meaningful audiences that you can act on right away.

If you know what needs to change, and can change it quickly and efficiently to deliver results, then your job is done. With Audience Manager, you can say goodbye to disjointed campaigns and irrelevant ads. Pick a data management tool that puts customers first.


  • Powerful Data Management Platform
  • Innovative Audience Segmentation
  • Look-Alike Modeling
  • Know the Value of Your Data
  • Real-Time Action

Powerful Data Management Platform

Go beyond media-based integrations, and use Adobe Audience Manager to tie into your whole marketing stack, including the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. When your data management platform can collect and merge data from any source, you stay on top of all channels, all the time. We work with your team to align on data sets to ensure the data we pull meets 80 percent of use cases. 

Innovative Audience Segmentation

Ditch the traditional audience segmentation to better control how to combine data sources into audience segments. This process means more customers identified, and fewer left in the shadows.

Look-Alike Modeling

Powered by AI, Look-Alike Modeling from Adobe Audience Manager helps you reach potential leads with similar attributes to existing customers. Save time and effort by mining data you are already collecting to beat competitors to new fans.

Know the Value of Your Data

What does your data mean? Gain insights from both your internal and external source data. With one eye on the customer and another on emerging technologies, you will stay ahead with reliable planning and forecasting. We host upfront training sessions to ensure our clients fully understand the capabilities of the platform.

Real-Time Action

Knowledge is not worth anything if you are powerless to use it. Adobe Audience Manager can quickly supply data and up-to-the-minute insights that enable you to activate segments in real-time to ensure your audience’s experiences will be memorable. Refresh, regroup, and retarget customers—wherever they are.