Adobe Experience Platform



Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables organizations to streamline the flow of data, create a single view of the customer, and to build seamless experiences across devices and touchpoints. A CDP builds better customer experiences with one-on-one personalization at scale, data-first strategy, and governance and privacy you can trust. 

AEP is the foundation for all of your experiences allowing you to deliver successful results every time by transforming all your data into robust customer profiles that update in real-time with AI-driven insights you can activate in every channel. Compared to other CDP platforms, AEP was built from the ground up, offers streaming data collection, includes real-time activation, and secure profile management. 

As marketers, you need a solution that allows you to follow a customer journey across devices and touchpoints and respond to behaviors in real-time by delivering a personalized, cohesive customer experience.


  • Real-Time Activation
  • Data Science Workspace
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer
  • Query Service
  • Secure Profile Management

Real-Time Activation

Real-time insight, supported by machine learning, determines the proper response to customers’ non-linear buying journey. A typical user journey includes the customer using multiple devices to browse for products. When adding in the different types of touchpoints that the same customer can interact with the brand, it becomes difficult to compute and determine the right messaging that will be relevant to them.

By tying all data, including behavioral, transactional, financial, operational, and beyond, together into complete, accessible, unified profiles, you can deliver personalization in real-time at scale.

Data Science Workspace

The Data Science Workspace within AEP enables machine learning to be more readily available by solving for all of the barriers faced by data scientists such as:

  • Disparate and non-standardized data;
  • Complex model development environment;
  • Manual deployment of the intelligent services, and;
  • Feedback latency.

This one-stop data access for Data Scientists allows you to perform data inventory, build, and deploy mode for real-time insights.

Journey Orchestration

Built on top of AEP, Journey Orchestration is a standalone engine that enables marketers to design event-based interactions that respond to the users so that the journey feels like one seamless experience. You also have the ability to automate interactions based on real-time user actions across your digital channels.

Query Service

AEP Query Service allows you to pull all stored customer datasets into one place. In combination with a data visualization solution, this enables you to run fast, petabyte-scale SQL queries to visually see and understand the story behind customer behavior.

Secure Profile Management

Handling personal data associated with delivering successful customer experiences means having to understand and respect customers’ privacy. AEP privacy service enables you to receive the privacy capabilities needed to use this personal customer data while meeting guidelines for the privacy of each customer. These guidelines include addressing individual data access and keeping you up to date with future regulations