Branch is a mobile growth and attribution platform for Enterprise companies. Branch provides the industry’s leading mobile linking and measurement platforms, unifying user experience and attribution across devices, platforms, and channels.  Over 100,000 companies have chosen Branch to grow their business, improve their customer experience, and optimize campaign performance.

Bounteous is a Branch Integration Partner.  We work with Branch to build seamless experiences and measure campaign ROI with deep linking and mobile attribution.

Key Features

  • Mobile Measurement Partner
  • Mobile Linking Platform

Mobile Measurement Partner

Branch’s next-generation Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) solution is designed to ensure accurate and unbiased data. It provides reliable linking and attribution for your paid advertising campaigns to make your money go further.

Mobile Linking Platform

A mobile linking platform (MLP) provides deep linking and attribution for owned and earned marketing channels. It is a critical but separate solution that complements the paid ad functionality of a mobile measurement partner (MMP). Branch‘s MLP powers world-class, deep-linked user experiences from owned and earned channels.