Logicbroker is an integration platform that simplifies the processing of all supply chain data from retailers and suppliers. Logicbroker connects retailers, brands, vendors, sellers, and third-party systems, allowing orders to flow smoothly from end to end, from the moment the consumer hits “buy” to the moment their order arrives on their doorstep.  

With drop ship and marketplace programs, you can sell more products, reach more customers, and pivot quickly to maintain your edge in an ever-evolving eCommerce universe. But to win customer loyalty, your supply chain & fulfillment process has to be seamless. Logicbroker is the fastest, most flexible way to improve your customer experience and generate more revenue with B2B and D2C drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility solutions.

Bounteous works with Logicbroker to provide custom-fit commerce solutions tailored to unique business requirements. Together, we help organizations create an ideal ecosystem to support their commerce practice. 

Key Features

  • Drop Ship
  • Marketplace
  • B2B Supply Chain Visibility
  • Single Source of Truth

Drop Ship

Expand your product assortment and take your fulfillment operations to the next level with Logicbroker for drop ship automation.


Curate an endless aisle of goods while giving sellers the speed, flexibility, and ease of use they crave.

Drop Ship

Gain complete transparency to the entire order lifecycle and visibility into current and future product availability with Logicbroker for B2B Supply Chain Visibility.

Single Source of Truth

Logicbroker’s integrated suite connects all participants of your supply chain regardless of the type of business model: owned inventory, drop ship, marketplace. Logicbroker works with mid-market and enterprise manufacturers and retailers across every vertical.