Businesses looking to extend their commerce offering are discovering marketplace solutions, such as Mirakl, as a lucrative way to offer their customers more options in one spot. Mirakl is the most widely adopted marketplace software, allowing businesses to quickly expand their product or service offering and gain more control over third-party fulfillment.

Transform your online store into a one-stop shop where customers can easily locate and purchase everything they need by using Mirakl to extend your digital ecosystem. We have vast experience across multiple commerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce, Shopify Plus, and Elastic Path, making integration and implementation with Mirakl easy. We then build upon those integrations for next-generation commerce, like our custom connector between Mirakl and Elastic Path, the first of its kind to carve out new possibilities for users like added flexibility to rapidly bundle products and services.


  • B2B Marketplace Platform
  • B2C Marketplace Platform
  • Services Marketplace Platform
  • Catalog Manager

B2B Marketplace Platform

Mirakl’s B2B Marketplace Platform provides wholesale businesses with a highly scalable solution allowing them to meet not only current but future requirements of a rapidly growing market. Manufacturers, distributors, and procurement operations can offer customers what they need, driving new products to market quickly with low cost and low risk by leveraging dropshippers, channel partners, and third parties. Mirakl’s flexible and scalable API supports even the most complex business processes, making it easy for Bounteous to work with businesses to build a solution that caters to their needs.

B2C Marketplace Platform

With Mirakl’s B2C Marketplace Platform, retailers can create a shopping destination where customers can get everything they need in one spot. The powerful SaaS platform makes it easy to quickly launch and operate your own marketplace, enabling you to offer more products and services from third parties. Retailers can easily expand their catalog and manage seller quality, while Mirakl automates the complexities. Mirakl’s open APIs allow you to build your own customer experience and track real-time data to optimize your customer’s buying experience.

Services Marketplace Platform

Mirakl’s Services Platform supports both B2C and B2B businesses looking to give their customers the convenience they expect, with the right combination of products and services. Businesses can create high-quality customer experiences by adding a complementary or stand-alone Service Marketplace to your digital ecosystem. Commerce operators can easily onboard third-party service providers and set quality standards to control the end customer experience while service providers have access to simple tools that cater to their specific needs, like location and availability management. 

Mirakl Catalog Manager 

Mirakl Catalog Manager (MCM) helps marketplace operators and sellers manage their catalogs by simplifying the product data exchange process and controlling data quality. Operators are able to set product data quality standards and sellers can easily manage their own product catalogs, improving operational efficiencies and increasing buyers' confidence. We can integrate MCM on its own or with your Product Information Management (PIM) solution to enrich your data and ultimately increase conversions.