mParticle's Customer Data Platform enables you to collect customer data once through secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your tools—resulting in improved conversion, retention, and time-to-monetization. 

As the dining guest customer journey incorporates more and more digital touchpoints, it becomes difficult to ensure quality and accessibility at scale. mParticle makes it possible for you to collect guest data from across mobile, web, POS, and voice services, and unify activity to single customer profiles. We work with mParticle to deliver personalized dining and ordering experiences in real-time for our clients and to drive more engagement and same-store sales with real-time, customer-centric experiences.

As a top Certified Solution Partner with over 25 Practitioner, Engineer, and Administrator certifications, our experience segmenting your users into real-time audiences and targeting them with contextualized messaging will ensure you're able to deliver consistent, personalized experiences across every channel. In addition, mParticle's extensive network of integrations to popular customer engagement platforms like Facebook, Google, Adobe Campaign Manager, and Braze enable us to enrich profiles with additional data sources such as guest attributes, third-party data, location context, and more, and make them available to teams across your organization.


  • Data Connections
  • Data-Driven Personalization
  • Data Quality
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Governance

Data Connections

Collect data with secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your team's tools and systems. Access customer data where you need it without the hassle of third-party code management.

Data-Driven Personalization

Create personalized experiences using historical and real-time customer data.

Data Quality

Bad data leads to bad decisions. Improve your customer data quality and put good data to work.

Data Analytics

Omnichannel customer data analytics through the Indicative platform.

Data Governance

Protect your customer data. Manage compliance with data privacy regulations and support the governance needs of your organization.