MuleSoft provides integration software for connecting applications, data and devices. MuleSoft simplifies data unification, from any data system, to provide automated business processes, single customer view, and create faster connected experiences.

MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™ is the world's leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. MuleSoft provides exceptional business agility to companies in order to boost productivity and reduce costs. The platform allows you to deliver intelligent customer experiences using real-time data through automation and integration all on one platform.

Bounteous works with Mulesoft to drive efficiencies across the software development lifecycle. We partner on projects across industries to develop and deliver higher quality integrations and APIs faster, fueling innovation.

Key Features

  • Anypoint Platform
  • MuleSoft Composer
  • MuleSoft RPA
  • Flow Orchestration

Anypoint Platform

Accelerate application delivery by building APIs with speed and quality. Jumpstart development using pre-built assets provided by the MuleSoft ecosystem or by discovering APIs built anywhere using your CI/CD pipelines.

MuleSoft Composer

Empower any team to automate with clicks. Boost productivity and reduce costs by enabling business teams to automate workflows and connect apps and data easily.

MuleSoft RPA

Accelerate delivery with end-to-end automation for every team. Eliminate manual tasks and processes at scale with simple and advanced robotic process automations.

MuleSoft Flow Orchestration 

Automate your workflows with this low-code tool to make it easier to build multi-user processes to manage between departments and teams to improve productivity and efficiency.