Oracle is the market leader in Data management software and offers a fully integrated stack of cloud applications and cloud platform services.  Oracle offers over 80 Cloud infrastructure services and caters to over 400,000 customers across 37 geographies around the world.

With products like Responsys, Eloqua, Bluekai, Infinity, and Maxymiser, Oracle covers the full spectrum of marketing cloud services—from data first and third party data collection and targeting to customer communication across various platforms. The platform helps leverage data to classify audiences, personalize messages, and orchestrate and test campaigns—all in real-time, helping marketers to send each customer the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Bounteous has been helping clients to achieve their marketing goals and build strong relationships with their customers by orchestrating personalized customer journeys on Oracle Marketing Cloud for over 8 years. 


  • Intelligence Cloud Service
  • Product Ecosystem
  • Automated Cross Channel Orchestration

Intelligence Cloud Service

Intelligence collected to support marketers in creating relevant content and to strategize how to send the content to the contacts. Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service provides data related to subject line performance, contact email fatigue, account engagement, and a contact's optimal send time.

Product Ecosystem

Large availability of extensions and connectors to add channels like SMS, social media, or chat apps in the communication channel mix for products like Responsys and Eloqua.

Automated Cross Channel Orchestration

Ability to create automated customer journeys with cross-channel communication including emails, SMS, Web push, App push, Social media, and paid marketing platform integration.