SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform empowering the world’s most innovative brands to forge stronger, more loyal and more profitable customer relationships.

We work with SessionM to sync customer data from different channels and systems through real-time APIs and create a single, 360-degree customer view. With every action, the customer’s profile is updated within milliseconds and instantly accessible by any system driving greater efficiency and maximizing ROI.


  • Customer Data Management
  • Campaigns and Engagement
  • POS Offer Management
  • Loyalty Management

Customer Data Management

As each customer creates data, it’s streamed into the platform, stored in the cloud, and operationalized for use across any of your departments and systems.

Campaigns and Engagement

Calculate the most impactful customer experience and deliver it across any of your channels in real-time with triggered campaigns and pre-schedule for a specific time.

POS Offer Management

Recognize single use coupons and other forms of personalized closed loop offers at the point of sale through SessionM’s proprietary native POS integrations.

Loyalty Management

Determine the most profitable means of driving incremental behavior with personalized loyalty programs designed to derive the greatest benefit for the smallest cost.