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Our team in India, formerly Lister Digital, is a place where talented people and great ideas converge. No matter where you're located in India, we have a role for you! We invest in the technology, tools, and processes to help collaboration thrive and form integrated and productive teams. Build connections with your peers regardless of location with virtual cultural events, frequent information sharing, and team member networks. Explore our many remote positions and enjoy working where you work best.



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Benefits & Perks

Join our fast-growing company and take advantage of our accelerated career development opportunities, and competitive benefits.

Award-winning culture
Award-Winning Culture
Fostering a rich and diverse work environment that fuels creativity, collaboration, and a deep sense of belonging.
Professional growth opportunities
Professional Growth Opportunities
Offering personal and professional development opportunities, on the job mentoring from in-house experts, and assistance for ongoing learning.
Competitive benefits
Competitive Benefits
Supporting benefit choices that include personal and family needs.
World-class, Fortune 500 engagements
World-Class, Fortune 500 Engagements
Transforming experiences and improving business outcomes for global brands.
Flexible working hours
Flexible Working
Choose to work from home, work at the office, or go hybrid. Coordinate with clients and teams across time zones to support your personal preferences.
Giving back to our community
Giving Back to Our Community
Be an active part of our corporate social responsibility programs. Together, we can make our community better.



Return-to-Work Program

Beyond Your Break is a gender-neutral program for professionals on a career break. The goal of Beyond Your Break is to ensure that people looking to restart their career after a break receive the re-entry support and essential training required to switch back to a successful career path.



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chennai gathering
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chennai gathering
chennai gathering
chennai gathering
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