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Activate leverages Adobe tools and 20+ years of expertise to help you quickly create a modern, useful digital experience. Built by an award-winning Adobe practice, this proprietary solution is made to jumpstart your business. Activate includes the latest features from Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, making it a powerful solution great for any organization. Activate for Commerce combines the benefits of Activate with commerce-specific components and templates.


  • Optimized Design System
  • Expanded Component Library
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Multi-Platform Integrations
  • Flexible Page Templates
  • Powerful Analytics and Targeting
  • Multi-Site Ready
  • Training & Support

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Activate is available exclusively for Bounteous customers looking to build beautiful big-picture solutions. Let us walk you through how Activate and Bounteous can expedite your time-to-value with the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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