Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

Giving a Caffeine-Fueled Boost to Their Customer Experience

When your sluggish morning routine needs a jolt with a large triple-shot, soy milk, half-powder, dark chocolate latte with three Splendas served at 155 degrees, you want your barista to get your order exactly right.

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Business Issue

Bounteous partnered with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as their Digital Agency of Record in 2016 to do just that — to get things right. Backed by intelligent consumer and market research, Bounteous collaborated with CBTL with the goal of modernizing their overall customer experience.


The launch of the original Coffee Bean app in our first year working together featured mobile ordering and payment, as well as personalized offers. A rewards program was included to turn the occasional guests into regulars. Soon after, the new launched where coffee beans, tea, gift cards and more could be purchased.

For a consistent customer experience no matter the situation, the order-ahead platform, ecommerce and loyalty functions were all accessible through the app, website and in the store. The CBTL app continued to evolve on its journey of modernization with gift card giving, referral bonuses and in-app tipping.


With the release of the latest version of their app in 2020, the innovations continued with a streamlined ordering flow. An easily scannable menu and enhanced search and customization make it a breeze to get the order just right with delivery an option at most locations. Single screen checkout gets the order started in a super-efficient way. Seeing everything in one place at checkout — order details, where and when it will be ready, and payment information including tipping and delivery fee — makes for a smooth customer experience.

Since streamlining their ordering flow and loyalty program, CBTL has seen a significant increase in both digital sales and number of orders.