Peoni Health

Launching a Digital-First Healthcare Coverage Solution

Peoni Health brings together experts in insurance administration, pharmacy, healthcare, and technology to reimagine the healthcare experience for small businesses. Owned by MedImpact, the largest independent pharmacy benefit solutions company, Peoni was interested in creating a new digital platform to distribute healthcare solutions targeted at brokers for small businesses.  Their goals were to establish a profitable new line of business​, develop enhanced capabilities in delivering health plan solutions for clients​, and scale their legacy health coverage administrator system. 

Peoni hoped to accomplish these goals by creating a marketplace that offers comprehensive health coverage solutions for small to medium-sized employers. They were looking to empower these employers and create a seamless user experience that streamlined the process of finding and connecting with providers.

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Business Issue

Peoni faced the challenge of launching a new brand in a crowded market space while effectively explaining the intricate concept of healthcare solutions with a level-funded approach. They aimed to convey their unique value proposition and create a visually appealing digital platform that would capture the distinctiveness of their plans and provide a seamless user experience. Additionally, there were significant technology hurdles to overcome, including handling a large volume of network health providers for search and display functionality, and the need for advanced refinement tools and filters in the provider search. Peoni also sought to build a public presence to generate awareness and act as an entry point for employers and employees to learn more about the plans and providers. To address these challenges, a headless application to achieve an advanced, dynamic, and user-friendly interface was needed.


The Peoni team partnered with Bounteous and Acquia to launch a digital-first medical coverage solution tailored for small to medium sized employers. This comprehensive initiative involved the creation of the marketing website and provider finder, both built using Acquia Cloud Platform, Drupal 10, and Acquia Site Studio. The program also involved laying the foundation for a future Broker Portal. Bounteous was entrusted with the responsibility to partner with Peoni to design and build this digital experience.

The build phase involved the creation of the marketing site using Acquia Cloud Platform and Drupal 10, as well as the development of a large provider search database. Managing the vast amount of data was a significant aspect of the project, requiring Drupal integration while ensuring searchability with Apache Solr (Acquia Search). The use of Acquia Site Studio was critical in achieving a consistent and editable site experience. The integration of a React Application for the Provider Search, embedded using a custom Site Studio component, further enhanced the user experience. We opted for the hybrid headless model for the provider search due to the need for advanced flexibility. The hybrid headless model was essential to creating a customized experience, including the ability to apply advanced filters to the provider search and ensure that users could easily refine their search with simplicity. Ultimately, this approach successfully enabled users to search for providers based on many advanced filters, a map view, refining results by network and plan type, and even search for specific needs or gender preferences. By adopting this approach, the team delivered a dynamic and user-friendly interface.


Bounteous not only brought the Peoni experience to life, but also worked hand-in-hand with Peoni along the way. Peoni has achieved impressive results since the launch of their digital platform, with a significant reduction in processing time for a large number of records. The processing time for approximately 11,000,000 provider records was dramatically reduced from multiple days to 1.5 hours, showcasing the efficiency improvements brought by the new digital experience.

Peoni has achieved tremendous success in other areas as well. They acquired 200 new broker leads, resulting in a substantial influx of business through a significant volume of quote requests. These results demonstrate the effective implementation of the Peoni digital platform in improving processing efficiency, expanding the provider database, and generating valuable leads for the business. Given the successful early acquisition of broker leads, the program will be rolled out on a national scale.

The collaborative partnership between Peoni and Bounteous was truly industry-leading. Having the right tools and partnership in place helped Peoni maximize their investment with Acquia’s suite of products and bring their vision to life.