Productivity Tools for Fortune 500 Companies

Bounteous x Accolite partnered with a leading B2B productivity software provider to develop and enhance tools for key user segments, including database, JavaScript, DevOps, and mobile app developers. Our hi-tech solutions and comprehensive development services helped streamline processes and innovate product offerings.

  • Mobile, Web & Emerging Applications
  • SaaS Design, Engineering, and Prototyping
  • Quality Assurance Testing & Automation
  • Product Development & Management

Business Issue

The client, a parent company of several B2B productivity software brands, was looking for a hi-tech and capable development partner to create and enhance their products that serve the following users: database developers using multiple database platforms; JavaScript developers who are looking to build performant apps fast; DevOps engineers looking to set up and maintain CI/CD pipeline; and mobile app developers looking for efficient IDEs.


Bounteous x Accolite delivered high-quality, on-time product development across 25+ products, meeting the client's business goals and maintaining alignment with their product roadmap. We provided comprehensive services, including program management, development, quality assurance, and problem-solving consultancy to help the client realize the business potential of key products. Our involvement allowed the client's resources to focus more on critical business innovations while optimizing development and quality processes to yield high-quality results efficiently.


Bounteous x Accolite enabled the client to meet business goals by delivering highly-complex product development on time with high quality to keep up with product roadmap across 25+ products.

We also provided hi-tech complex architecture and design and problem-solving consultancy in key and crucial moments and avenues to enable the client to realize the business potential of key products.

We owned the product development from program management, development, quality assurance and other aspects to provide client resources more time to focus on other business-critical moonshots, optimizing development and quality processes to deliver high-quality results with minimum investment of time.