Teach for America

Better Targeting to Promote Social Change

Teach For America applicants have other options. Many are recent college graduates or professionals in highly desired STEM fields. They are superior students and engaged citizens, and they are just as likely to be courted by some of the world's biggest companies with tempting salaries. Instead, the nonprofit Teach For America hopes these remarkable individuals will become teachers in low-income communities, in efforts to confront educational inequality classroom by classroom. 

Teach For America and Bounteous partnered to stay top-of-mind with their applicants and talent pool by uniting the Audiences feature in Google Analytics with Google search remarketing in Google Ads.

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Business Issue

To keep applicants moving forward through a rigorous selection process, our team worked with Teach For America to not only remain top-of-mind with their targets, but to better zero in on the best prospects online. Teach For America specifically was not targeting applicants who were already teachers, but rather identifying and engaging the most competitive potential teachers as they planned their careers.

Project Goals: 

  • Identify and group applicants based on similar qualities
  • Create reminders for high-caliber applicants to complete the process


Our team united insights from multiple Google platforms to turn random applicants into useable, related groups with messages adapted to their needs. 

First, we built audience segments in Google Analytics using events and custom dimensions. We then targeted those segments to remind the most appropriate applicants with personalized search ads using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) in Google Ads.

As applicants searched for topics related to their careers or life after college, Teach For America offered gentle reminders to continue the path toward teaching and joining the fight for education equality.


Sometimes your message is great, but it is simply not getting to the most receptive eyes and ears. This nonprofit campaign taught a lesson in efficient advertising and prequalified investing.

Standout students have the option to take their careers in any direction. Now, Teach For America can ensure the fullest reach and frequency for driving action among this elite group. That new capability is a measurable impact the organization was never able to do at scale before.

Along with successful targeting and the ability to channel ad budget toward specific audience segments, these campaigns also demonstrated a 57% increase in conversion rate over other non-branded Ads campaigns during the same period.

Teach For America is changing lives, classroom by classroom — and now they are winning the marketing game, applicant by applicant.