Taking the Party Digital To Unlock Business Growth

Inspired by other category-leading brands and commerce leaders, Wingstop partnered with Bounteous to Co-Innovate digital customers experiences that could fuel rapid business growth. Wingstop is passionate about providing great wings to customers at all 1,500 of its nationwide locations.


Just Wing It

We drive fans and new customers alike to a whole new world of flavor. Our teams create joint innovations to spice up the customer experience.

Strategic Experience Roadmap

Defining and creating a technology plan requires a great deal of strategic alignment. We worked with Wingstop leadership to define the business goals that kickstart an innovation cycle.

Beyond Off-the-Shelf Solutions

With ambitions set high, the Wingstop team knew they needed a new digital strategy that included custom solutions. We helped define that strategy with customer surveys and first-party data informing new customer profiles, journey maps, and functional requirements. This resulted in a prioritized multi-year development strategy, a simplified path-to-purchase and shortened time-to-task at key moments in the customer lifecycle.

Customer Needs Drive A Seamless Experience

Beyond Off-The-Shelf Experiences

Growing brands need digital solutions that reflect their brand story and customer needs. Our combined stakeholder teams decided that only a fully customized customer experience could drive brand growth. We ensured that everything integrates smoothly with Wingstop’s core customer order platform Olo.

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Deep Customizations

Customers need a high degree of options and flexibility when ordering for a party or big game. We collaborated with the Wingstop team to ensure that every order is fully customizable because no customer should host a party without dipping sauces.

Digitizing the In-Store Conversation

In-store ordering conversations fuel innovation. Wingstop devotees are often solving a major question: How many wings should we order for our group? By co-developing the Wing Calculator(™), we made sure the process was just as easy digitally as it is at store locations. Customers select hunger level and group size to receive an optimal wing order count. Don’t get us started on which flavors to try.

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Early Results Propel Growth

Within the first 30 days of launch, Wingstop realized a significant lift in orders and average order value across their website, iOS and Android applications. These initial releases were just the beginning of our long-term partnership with Wingstop to improve and optimize their digital customer journey.

A great experience is just the start. We’re proud to deliver customer marketing to Wingstop’s biggest fans.

Bold & Spicy Customer Marketing

Bounteous & Wingstop built and curated a first-party data-driven customer database containing over 25 million customer records. We launched a joint email engagement program to personalize offers for key customer segments and reach each loyal fan with great deals.

The Technical Bones

Deploying a leading customer engagement program requires navigating and integrating complex customer data systems like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Olo, so we did exactly that.


Turning National Chicken Wing Day into Wingstop Wing Day

We work together to take over National Chicken Wing Day with the successful Wingstop Wing Day promotion. It’s not just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. Free wings and donations to favorite nonprofits mean that customers circle the date on the calendar.

The Look of Great Taste

Serving a major fanbase requires top-notch design work and creativity for promotions and more. Our team brings the heat with innovative visuals that drive orders.

A hunger for results fuels our partnership with Wingstop.

A hunger for results fuels our partnership with Wingstop.

Simplifying Fandom

When we learned that registered customers purchase larger orders, we made it even easier for new fans to sign up for digital ordering.

Creating a Winning Combo

Iteration drives growth. We made sure that customers could turn any menu item into a combo meal quickly and easily, right on the product page. This led to a growth in combo orders.

A Customer-First Approach Heats Up Digital Growth

We’ve collaborated with Wingstop to produce incredible results. We won’t stop until 100% of orders are placed digitally.