Adobe Summit Webinar Series: Achieving Advanced Personalization with Adobe's Experience Cloud Foundation and Accelerators

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This event is part of the Bounteous' WTF (What's That For) webinar series in preparation for Adobe Summit. View more details on the entire program, and enter to win a giveaway, at Adobe Summit Experience!

The fourth Webinar in Bounteous' WTF (What's That For) event series, focuses on achieving advanced personalization with Adobe's Foundation package and using accelerators in your digital transformation strategy. Join our team of experts as they discuss the value of Adobe Experience Manager when coupled with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Here to answer your pressing questions on utilizing accelerators and advanced personalization with Adobe Foundation, our team will educate and enable you to transform your digital experience for consumers.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The benefits of Adobe Foundation for cultivating Advanced Personalization. 
  • What challenges we have overcome and use cases related to these Adobe solutions.
  • How Accelerators provide immediate value for your organization.

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