Bounteous is proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of RetailX!

Register for the conference here and be sure to also check out Developing a Marketplace-Ready Content Strategy, presented by Matthew Tarallo, Global Vice President of Amazon at The Coca-Cola Company, and Raghu Kakarala, Executive Vice President of Commerce at Bounteous.

RetailX provides direct access to the technology and trends shaping the digital future of retail. Catering to omni-channel and ecommerce retailers and brands, RetailX is the ultimate resource to advance in the retail industry’s evolution. Sharpen your skills and fully immerse in trends, developments, and strategies from dynamic industry insiders. Strengthen your network, engage with retail industry professionals, find solutions to new world challenges, and be inspired to enable growth and change. Gain a fresh and relevant understanding of advanced retail technologies with industry & revenue-generating examples.