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This event occurred on Wed, Aug 25, 2021

Join Matthew Tarallo, The Coca-Cola Company, and Raghu Kakarala, Bounteous, during retailX for a discussion on developing a marketplace-ready content strategy.

Different marketplaces have different guidelines for brand and product content. If companies want to optimize and expand their marketplace strategies, they need to ensure they have the right content plan in place. This session dove into the key content requirements for top marketplaces and best practices for developing a customer-focused approach to content marketing that spans formats and channels.

In this session, Matthew Tarallo, Global Vice President of Amazon at The Coca-Cola Company and Raghu Kakarala, Executive Vice President of Commerce at Bounteous discussed:

  • The advantages of a centralized repository for product data to enable multiple marketplaces;
  • How and when to take advantage of premium content experience opportunities such as Amazon’s A+ content; and
  • How to leverage the characteristics of each marketplace and its consumer behavior to optimize the success of your brand and its products.

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Raghu Kakarala
Jace Rhee
Jace Rhee
Account Executive, Amazon at The Coca-Cola Company