Forrester's Technology & Innovation North America - Delivering a 20x Digital Return for Caesars Entertainment through Co-Innovation

Speaker Session

A Co-Innovation approach helped Caesars Entertainment achieve a 20x ROI with advanced digital personalization. During Forrester's Technology & Innovation North America learn how they benefit from adopting new modes of working across customer experiences and marketing technology and defining the key outcomes of data activation strategies required to drive successful digital transformation. 

Speakers Details

Dave Mankowski has 25 years of experience in developing and managing digital experience, digital marketing, and managed services solutions. He contributed greatly to Bounteous' Co-Innovation Framework. Dave was awarded Senior Sales Executive of the Year at the 2020 Stevie Awards.

Jonathan Weber unlocks the value of customer data to meet the unique industry challenges of our client organizations. He develops holistic views of customer data that can be leveraged by marketing, sales, and support organizations to personalize customer journeys. He is also an author and frequent industry speaker.

Michael Bartholow is the Director of Marketing and Education at Bounteous. He oversees partnership relations and drives marketing strategy for a growing digital transformation firm servicing numerous Fortune 500 brands. He's been in the digital marketing industry for +15 years. Michael is also a subject matter expert in Google Marketing Platform and martech integrations.