Embracing a Direct-to-Consumer Strategy to Increase Sales and Grow Your Brand


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This event occurred on Wed, Nov 17, 2021

In October of 2021, Bounteous, Adobe, and BWG Strategy undertook a survey of professionals leading Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) digital experience efforts in the retail/CPG and manufacturing sectors. The survey addressed the key opportunities and challenges for executing successful DTC strategies and programs.

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To learn the key findings of this research we covered the following items:

  • What key factors are utilized to roll out a new DTC business model successfully
  • How organizations manage the integration of channel strategy across multiple touchpoints
  • Where the future is going for DTC and how the last few years have evolved to affect this change
  • What challenges organizations are facing and how they are using these as a turning point to win over the consumer
  • How to gain line of sight into who your consumers are in order to market directly to them successfully
  • Anecdotes surrounding pain points, trends, and opportunities for building a strategy around the connected consumer



Sabina Van Wijk
Sabina Van Wijk
Head of Digital, CRM & GDPR Europe, Coca-Cola
Bruce Richards
Bruce Richards
Segment Lead for CPG, Adobe
Aaron Conant
Aaron Conant
Co-Founder & Chief Digital Strategist, BWG Connect
Raghu Kakarala