The Co‑Innovation Manifesto

August 4, 2020 | Keith Schwartz
The Co-Innovation Manifesto Book Cover

I wrote the Co-Innovation Manifesto to provide a call-to-action and set of guiding principles for business executives seeking to digitally innovate. In this context, co-innovation is defined as a collaborative form of innovation used by organizations in partnership with professional service firms to address the challenges inherent in digital transformation initiatives. This manifesto also contains a Bill of Rights that organizations should insist upon when entering into co-innovation partnerships.

The ideas in this manifesto have been developed over a 25-year consulting career and are focused exclusively on helping companies use digital innovation to transform themselves and to compete and win digitally.

I hope you download the Co-Innovation Manifesto and use it as a tool to elevate your organization’s digital innovation practices. Head over to, where you can download the document and additional resources. This information provides guidance on how to start the conversation about Co-Innovation within your organization and with agency partners.