Press Release: Bounteous Recognized in Loyalty Services Providers Landscape Report

September 21, 2023 | Bounteous x Accolite
Bounteous Recognized in Loyalty Services Providers Landscape Report

CHICAGO — September 21, 2023Bounteous, the digital innovation partner of the world's most ambitious brands, has been included in a recent Forrester Research report titled, “The Loyalty Services Providers Landscape, Q3 2023.” In an overview of 26 providers, this comprehensive report focuses on the value B2C marketers can expect from a loyalty services provider, looking at the distinctions between various providers based on factors like size and market focus.

According to Forrester’s Marketing Survey 2023, 55 percent of global B2C marketing decision-makers indicated that they are increasing their spend on relationship/loyalty marketing in 2023, while 33 percent are maintaining spend. The Loyalty Services Providers Landscape report analyzes how brands are using loyalty service providers to build new strategies and programs while updating existing loyalty programs to align with economic challenges and changing customer needs. 

This includes improving loyal customers’ experiences to increase engagement, analyze customer data to generate actionable insights, design loyalty initiatives through a range of capabilities, platform-agnostic technology consulting, and the data and analytics skills needed to enable success.

Forrester asked each provider included in this report to select its extended business scenarios for which customers select that provider’s service, with Bounteous selecting loyalty program management, partnership and loyalty ecosystem consulting, and loyalty marketing, media, and advertising support. “We are pleased to be included in the Loyalty Services Providers Landscape report,” said Jon Reily, SVP of Commerce and Loyalty at Bounteous. “In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is more important than ever. This inclusion validates our commitment to delivering amazing customer experiences and helping our clients create and manage successful loyalty programs that drive business growth. Selecting the right provider is critical for helping businesses seeking to build strong customer relationships and repeat business.”

As the dynamics of customer relationships evolve and technology advances, Bounteous has approached loyalty with an increased commitment to delivering amazing customer experience programs that drive business growth. Now Bounteous is shifting its long-term strategy to view loyalty as not just a punch card, but a robust engine for deepening customer connections and acquiring invaluable first-party data to help understand and address the unique needs of each customer, and ultimately, leverage those insights to foster meaningful engagements.

The report was compiled using information across providers. In cases where providers didn't give data directly, Forrester used secondary information to provide estimates. All information was verified with providers like Bounteous before publication.

In addition to the “The Loyalty Services Providers Landscape, Q3 2023,” Bounteous was also included in the “The Commerce Services Landscape, Q3 2023” and the “The Digital Transformation Services Landscape, Q3 2023” reports. Only four other providers were included in all three landscape reports.  

The report is available online to Forrester customers or for purchase here.

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