Transforming Order Management: A Game‑Changing Blend of Adobe Commerce and WhatsApp

May 1, 2024 | Shikha Raina
Elevating order fulfillment with a dynamic duo: Adobe Commerce + WhatsApp.

Consumer expectations dictate the rhythm of business operations now more than ever. They are the primary motivators of companies looking to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency.

Our client, a consumer goods manufacturer and distributor, was grappling with inefficiencies in their proprietary platform that handled their dispatch and delivery operations. Operating on a model that sold consumer goods from warehouses directly to consumers, they were challenged by a system that relied heavily on manual processes and separate mobile applications for communication between warehouses and drivers. For instance, the system required the manual assignment of orders to the nearest warehouse for fulfillment, and it did not facilitate real-time notifications between warehouse workers and delivery drivers, causing communication lags.

When the client presented these challenges to our team, we gathered our commerce, engineering, and delivery experts to craft a solution that would provide extensibility, process automation, and enhanced communication, all while keeping costs under control.

Designing the Ultimate Order Management Fix

Our cross-functional team of experts decided to transition the client from their former platform to Adobe Commerce Cloud, renowned for its scalability and performance. This migration granted them access to numerous out-of-the-box Adobe Commerce features, such as The Distance Priority Algorithm, which automatically compares the location of the shipping destination address with source locations to determine the closest source to fulfill shipments.

Seeking a cost-effective yet scalable and powerful solution, we integrated The Distance Priority Algorithm with the WhatsApp Business API through the App Builder application to develop a system that automated order assignments based on proximity and facilitated real-time notifications to warehouses and drivers.

What made this strategy revolutionary was how we leveraged the WhatsApp Business API. Since WhatsApp was already accessible on end-user mobile devices, leveraging the WhatsApp Business API eliminated the need for a separate mobile application development, significantly reducing costs. And, the implementation of the solution through Adobe I/O events and the App Builder application contributed to a remarkably low development time, which ensured swift integration while also controlling project costs.

The Tangible Impact of Our Order Management System

The architectural framework of our solution is simple and efficient. At its core, the system leverages Adobe I/O events to trigger order updates, which are then processed by the App Builder application to send relevant WhatsApp messages to warehouses or drivers. The seamless interaction between these components ensures a smooth, automated workflow from order receipt to delivery. 

Adobe Commerce WhatsApp

The adoption of this OMS has been transformative. By minimizing code changes and leveraging existing skills within our commerce practice, we ensured a smooth integration process. And, by migrating the client to Adobe's ecosystem, we not only facilitated scalability but also unlocked new avenues for them to engage customers through personalized offers (via Adobe Experience Platform). Moreover, the reliability of the entire application was significantly bolstered by incorporating failover mechanisms.

Looking Ahead: Scalability and Potential for Future Innovation

What sets this OMS apart is its potential for future enhancements. Its modular design ensures scalability, and that any component can be easily upgraded or replaced, keeping pace with evolving market trends and technologies without disrupting the overall system.

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