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Today, we’re Wawa’s digital copilot.

Over the last decade-plus, we’ve worked with Wawa to conceive, create, and optimize an integrated digital ecosystem that connects customers to every aspect of the brand.

For our team, success starts in-store.

A customer holding a Wawa branded cup

Optimizing the In-Store Experience

Wawa fulfills more than 100 million fresh food orders every year. We created stunning digital signage, and intuitive ordering kiosks, that help these customers decide what to order, place it, and get on their way.

Wawa digital signage

Digital Signage

We create the in-store digital signage that alerts customers to new products and promotions.

Wawa Ordering kiosk

Ordering Kiosks

Every order is placed on a kiosk whose UX, UI, content, and development we led.

When Wawa was ready to make ordering accessible from any device, they turned to us.

Screenshots of the Wawa app

Helping Wawa Bring Ordering Online

We worked with Wawa to bring the ease of ordering in-store to any device, concepting the campaigns for mobile ordering and delivery and designing the catering experience.

Wawa delivery

Wawa Delivery

When Wawa partnered with Grubhub, Doordash and Uber Eats, we made sure everybody knew about it.

Wawa lunch consisting of mac n cheese, hoagie, chips, and a drink

Mobile Ordering

We concepted the campaign introducing the new service to customers.

For the brand’s biggest moments, we’re proud to be the partner they always trust.

Photos of a bride and groom taking wedding pics at wawa

Turning Campaigns Into Celebrations

We provide full-funnel strategic, creative and marketing support for Wawa’s flagship campaigns.

Wawa hoagiefest phone filter


In 2008, we helped launch Hoagiefest. Since, we’ve helped it become the brand’s biggest revenue driving campaign.

Wawa smoothies


We make Wawa THE destination for shakes, smoothies and more.

Wawa kids meal

Product Launches

When Wawa brings a new product to market, the brand looks to us to create dynamic digital campaigns that connect the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Woman in front of wawa gainesville mural

DC & Florida Expansion

When Wawa entered DC and Florida, we made the big move a big deal.

We help Wawa turn customers into fans and fans into advocates.

Wawa.com photoshoot.

Connecting Fans With the Brand

We manage wawa.com and lead social listening, measurement, community management, and content creation for the brand’s social channels.

Wawa.com on a smartphone


We design and develop the brand website, adding campaigns, promotions, and featured products.

Wawa hashtag on social media

Social Media

We’ve grown Wawa’s social following from 0 to 2 million.

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