Orgain's Experience‑Driven Commerce Refresh: Adobe & Magento

June 22, 2018

Orgain’s new commerce website features Bounteous’ AEM & Magento Connector

Bounteous has launched a new direct-to-consumer commerce site for Orgain, the maker of organic protein powders, shakes and protein bars. The site features our Adobe Experience Manager/Magento connector, which marries the marketing power of AEM and the trusted commerce capabilities of Magento.

It was announced last month that Adobe was acquiring Magento. Bounteous has been involved with the union of the two platforms since 2013 when we created our first integration between the Adobe Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) and Magento. We have been perfecting the connector since and serves as the backbone of this commerce site.

It's here eCommerce capability inside the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC).

Orgain can now leverage Adobe Experience Manager’s flexible content delivery system along with Magento’s secured digital transaction platform, resulting in a seamless online shopping experience.

By incorporating AEM, Orgain can easily create, manage, and dynamically deliver engaging customer experiences across all channels – web, mobile, social, and more. AEM’s Digital Asset Manager allows for a single set of assets to serve unlimited variations across all devices and makes it easy to quickly deliver creative content across all marketing channels.

Unified Commerce Experiences with Magento and Experience Cloud

Orgain is giving customers the experience they were looking for. Magento’s advanced features and flexibility paired with Adobe Experience Cloud give Orgain the ability to deliver personalized experiences across channels and touchpoints. They know who their customers are and provide the content they are looking for, wherever they are.

With Magento and Experience Cloud, Orgain has the industry’s leading creative tools, and the commerce team gets the features, administrative tools, and performance that have made Magento the industry standard. They are managing engaging shopping experiences with Adobe Experience Manager, gaining customer insight with Adobe Analytics, and creating personalized experiences with Adobe Target, all while Magento handles orders, catalogs, and customers. Bottom line – the customer gets a great experience.

Adobe Analytics and beyond

In upcoming posts, we will take a closer look at some of the technology that drives the Orgain site including Adobe Analytics.