Partnering to Deliver Better Customer Experiences in the Healthcare Industry

Our goal in working with a leading retail pharmacy was to improve their digital experience and change how patients and customers view their health and wellness. To accomplish this mission, we teamed up to migrate to a single, unified MarTech architecture for customer journey orchestration.

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  • 6Months to launch Real-Time CDP
  • 92%Increase in Campaign Performance
  • 30Personalized Campaigns

Driving Personalization in the Healthcare Industry

Together, we made significant strides in delivering personalized,  connected, and seamless experiences at scale through adopting and evangelizing Adobe technology.

Building the Foundation for Improved Digital Experiences

We worked alongside the client’s Enterprise MarTech Team to achieve a groundbreaking implementation of Real-Time CDP in just six months.

Providing More Personalized Customer Information

Bounteous connected four data sources to provide audience data to two activation channels: Adobe Target and Braze.​

Co-Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

Advancing an improved digital journey helps put better health within reach, enabling improvement through data and technology.

Unlocking the Potential of Data in Healthcare

We set standards for data collection across all sites/ apps in various ecosystems using an enterprise-level schema in AEP Experience Data Model (XDM).

Activating Personalized Marketing Campaigns Through Data

We supported the client’s MarTech team with Adobe Analytics and Target migrations in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Data Drives Better Understanding of Patient Healthcare Experiences

Unlocking insights through data can help better align consumers with their healthcare needs.

Refining Audience Targeting to Enable Personalization

We partnered closely with the client’s data team to centralize data through RTCDP to enable personalization together utilizing Adobe Target.

Custom Preferences Paving the Way in Personalized Healthcare

We began activating testing and personalization campaigns and executed more than 25 personalized campaigns on their website.

Evangelizing Journey Orchestration

Bounteous partnered with the client following our strategic co-innovation framework to implement several Journey Optimizer use cases to prove value from the platform and set the foundation for personalization at scale.

Managing Customer Journeys

Bounteous demonstrated how AJO could effectively integrate with Adobe and other MarTech technologies to orchestrate cross-channel messaging for use cases such as web personalization.

Driving Value in Healthcare

Prioritizing doing things better and doing better things helps us make improvements to existing digital experiences and optimize the customer journey.

Together with Bounteous, the client was able to help customers on their path to better health by providing personalized, connected, and seamless experiences at every interaction. Bounteous helped deliver strategy and execution, implementing new tools and processes to enable a seamless flow of data and insights.