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The Adobe community is made up of thousands of talented individuals and industry-leading software. As an Adobe partner for 10+ years, Bounteous has had the opportunity to take part in the Adobe community in countless ways. We have the skills, tools, and people to continue to work alongside Adobe and create industry-leading digital experiences. Our team of experts has contributed across every level of the Adobe Experience Cloud from certifications and industry events to one-of-a-kind solutions and cross-cloud extensions. Our talented group of developers and innovators are constantly contributing to the Adobe ecosystem in new and exciting ways, delivering value to clients and the broader Adobe community.


  • Unique Differentiators
  • Magento Marketplace
  • ACS AEM Commons
  • Marketo Extension
  • AEM Assets
  • Meetups
  • Misc. AEM Contributions
  • Specializations & Certifications

Unique Differentiators

We create solutions that leverage Adobe tools and 20+ years of expertise to help our clients quickly create a modern, useful digital experience. Built by an award-winning Adobe practice, these proprietary solutions are made to jumpstart your business.

Activate includes the latest features from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target. Activate for Commerce extends the Activate functionality to include commerce-specific features and functionality, helping companies take advantage of the recently announced Adobe Commerce Cloud. 

ACS AEM Commons

ACS AEM Commons is an Adobe-supported collection of solutions allowing developers to kickstart AEM projects using common functionality, reusable components, and an AEM development toolkit. Bounteous is the #1 non-Adobe contributor to ACS AEM Commons. We have made a number of contributions to this open-source community. Among the lengthy list of solutions available in the database, some of our highlights include:

AEM Assets

AEM Assets helps users better inventory, organize, and deploy various digital assets across photo, video, and other media with the Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Our experts have utilized the Assets application in Adobe Experience Manager to create a number of solutions for our clients. We have seen significant success through many of these experiences, and have begun to share throughout the Adobe community. A few of these solutions include:

Misc. AEM Contributions

AEM Component Generator

Our development team saw a need to create an efficient, time-saving tool to assist developers in writing clean, error-free, maintainable code. The AEM Component Generator helps to safeguard code by creating all boilerplate code, required files, and folder structures for AEM components.

The tool is an open-source git project approved by Adobe and available in Adobe open-source. Watch a short video from Brett Birschbach, Bounteous Director of Digital Platforms, to see the AEM Component Generator in action. 

AEM DevOps Runbook Template

Bounteous developed the AEM DevOps Runbook template to expedite and guide users through the process of creating a Dev/ops Runbook for an AEM solution. The template was first released during a 2018 IMMERSE session and has unofficially been designated a “model runbook” by Adobe Managed Services.

Magento Marketplace 

With 11 years of Magento experience, our team has grown to Professional Magento Solution Partner status. We continue to innovate, build solutions, and do our part to grow and improve the eCommerce space in a number of ways. Our experts have helped companies realize the full value of their experience-driven commerce investments. Contributing leading solutions to the Magento Marketplace is one way we continue to share these solutions and innovations with the Magento community. 

  • Adobe Launch Connector
  • AEM Assets Connector

Marketo Extension

The Bounteous team of Marketo Gold Level partners, released the Marketo extension for Adobe Launch in the midst of Marketo’s transition to the Adobe Experience Cloud.

This extension allows users to initialize lead tracking, capture click events, and track page visits efficiently. In addition, the extension can load and control Marketo forms directly, without having to deploy code. 


Bounteous is the primary organizer and host of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Meetups in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago. The goal of these groups is to provide an AEM forum and a sense of camaraderie for developers in local areas across the country. 

In addition to hosting Meetups in these three cities, our team members regularly speak at similar events across the country. We want to bring the Adobe community together to share experiences and development best practices, in addition to creating relationships across the ecosystem. We hope to see you and your team at our next event.

Specializations & Certifications

As Adobe Gold Level Partners, Bounteous has achieved specializations in Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics. Our specializations indicate that our individual team members have collectively earned the required number of certifications and demonstrate achievement in technical expertise, implementation proficiency, and customer success. 

In addition to the two specializations, our team of experts has completed 100+ certifications across the various platforms. Bounteous continues to lead the way with new certifications and recognition across the Adobe Experience Cloud. 

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