Accessibility: More Than Just Alt Text


This talk examined some of the reasons people fail to make their work accessible and offered ways people can be more empowered to make accessibility a priority. Attendees left with:

  • Familiarity with accessibility standards and guidelines.
  • Strategies and tools to test for accessibility.
  • Actionable steps to improve accessibility.
  • Resources to take a deeper dive into accessibility.

This event has happened already

It is our responsibility to make the web a place where everyone, regardless of ability, can perform the same functions and get the same information. In a perfect world, accessibility would be baked into the way we design, develop, and test projects. Unfortunately, whether due to a lack of information, motivation, or something else, reality falls short of this. Even though organizations can be slow to make accessibility a priority, individuals can still do their part to make the code and content that they create more accessible.